The core value of software as a service is providing access to, and management of, a commercially available application.
"Software as a Service: Strategic Backgrounder", Software & Information Industry Association 2001

Amid the lofty aspirations, few have noticed just how powerful and grounded a force software as a service has become.
The impact that SaaS will have on IT organizations is profound, and as business technology leaders, we need to ensure that our companies are ready for it.
"Why You Need A SaaS Strategy", Michael Biddick, 2010

CMSaaS 0.5 : SaaS (Software as a Service) CMS platform for hosters and their clients.

Key features

Modern ultra-fast technologies

  • NGINX server for static content
  • Erlang based application server
  • MongoDB database

Multiple independent hosts

  • Each host is controlled by its owner
  • Users do not have access to the data of another host

Integrated billing

  • Recurring and usual payments
  • The total balance of a host and the automatic debit for domains

A two-tier management system

  • Administrative users - control of their hosts and domains
  • Domain users - manage information within the domain

Working with domains

  • Support for unlimited number of domains to host
  • Aliases and redirects to domains

Multilingual support

  • UTF-8 encoding
  • Support multi-language sites
  • Choose your language site by specifying the language code in a way that sub-domain, or a GET parameter
  • Create, edit and use format files. mo for gettext

SEO support

  • Generation of Google sitemap
  • Set keywords on subjects and topics

Dynamic customization of content

  • Creating by users different types of content pages (news, text pages, blogs, product pages)
  • Sort the content, display lists of content by the parameters

Automatic data processing

  • Form generation
  • Processing of forms by the specified rules
  • Automatic processing of hosted files, check permissions and placement of watermark image

Advanced caching

  • Automatically generated html site mirror for the show when the system stops
  • A two-level cache - the level of pages and level of data elements

Platform requirements


  • Nginx >=1.0
  • MongoDB >=2.2
  • Erlang >= R15


  • MemCache - data buffering
  • Gettext - website localization
  • Sphinx - search engine

Editions of the System

Community edition

This is the basic edition, the first version will appear just below it. It will comprise the core of the system, and a small set of standard modules for creating websites. Anyone can use this edition to deploy the system on its server. The only limitation is lack of access to technical support forum, the mandatory display of logos and a ban on commercial use of the System. You have no right to sell hosting service, or in any other way to profit from the system. You have the right to place a system of any number of sites, provided that all pages of each site will be present logo and link to the website of the System.

Priority edition

In this edition contains all stable updates, and its owners can receive technical support from the developers of the CMSaaS. Access to this edition is paid, and amounts to € 600 per year or € 60 per month. Priority edition owners have access to the forum with a special technical support, will be first, who receive all the new modules, not required to place the system logo on web pages, and have many other bonuses that will be announced later.

Modules store

All developers can sale or offer for free their additional modules with ModStore. The Priority edition owners have a reseller rights for the all paid modules and can acquire an additional benifit from it.

Whereby CMSaaS better than other CMS?

By that it is another

By that it does not use scary words such as “taxonomy. ” Instead, you propose to create the page, draw a menu and get ready site without the headache.

Also, do not have to think about hosting and installation (this CMS comes with hosting), and forget horrible words “ftp”, “mysql” - all this is no longer required.

Because it is based on the fastest web technologies, available today for mass-market.

Can I test this system in action for free?

Yes, soon you will be able to create a third level domain on our site and test all its capabilities.

Why MongoDB?

MongoDB simplifies development. Data in MongoDB is stored in JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas, providing flexibility during the development process.

MongoDB has built-in support for horizontal scalability, full consistency and transactional updates.

Why Erlang?

It's a concurrent programming language and runtime system. Web sites are no longer a collection of static pages, and their generation for multiple users requires running in concurent, thread-safe environment.

Hot-swapped code allows an automatic upgrades. Structure of Erlang allow to distribute platform to the many servers automatically.

And finally, it's just cool because Erlang is the language of the future Web.

We are looking for help from you. If you an Erlang developer, JavaScript programmer, hosting company, inspired enthusiast or (the best one) business angel, please contact us by mail